BH - 08


BH-08 is a continual packaging machine with a 3-server drive. It is intended for packing of larger products. Packaging is sealed by three pairs of longitudinal jaws and single-action cross rotating jaws. 


Technical parameters BH-08

Height of product

Width of product

Length of product

20-90mm (60-130mm)
60-250mm (60-195mm)
Winding diameter 350mm
Winding width 600mm
Mechanical speed up to 90 cycles/min. (to product type and dimensions)
Electric connection 400V – 50Hz
Maximum input power 5,5kW
Machine dimensions 1820x820x4260mm
Control system B&R
Control system PP-based, cold seal


Parameters and technical data are informative. The machine can be tailored to individual product types and packaging requirements.



- extended input conveyer

- extended output conveyer

- photocell

- dating and labelling machine

- gusseting

- additional unwinding device, film taping

- no product - no bag system

- flexi packaging

- empty bags blow-off

- carriers on the chain of feeding conveyer

- feeding and dosing units


Packed products:

- food products (bread, baguettes, dumplings )

- industrial products (toilet paper, boxes)